Modern Warriors Shooting Experience

Welcome to the Modern Warriors Shooting Experience.  Have you ever wanted to shoot a .50 Cal sniper rifle or a full auto assault rifle?  You’re in luck, we offer just that.  At the MW Shooting Experience you can learn how to shoot a sniper rifle and hit targets up to 1,200 yards away or you can shoot a full auto weapon at 900-1,200 rounds per minute. With the exception of the local National Guard, we have the largest selection of sniper rifles, assault rifles and full auto machine guns in Southern Utah.  Our inventory of weapons make it possible for you to shoot the same weapons used by the military’s Special Forces and SWAT teams from around the world.

Here’s how it works:  Each gun has a one time set-up fee.  You then choose the amount of rounds you want to fire and any additional options, such as a silencer or an exploding target.  We require a minimum of three guns per group and each group may have up to 6 people.  You choose the guns, we do everything else.  Whether you are celebrating a birthday, corporate event or just a day of fun with family or friends, the MW Shooting Experience is without a doubt a unique and unforgettable experience.  No matter what the occasion, our weapons and gun packages offer a safe and exciting experience for all shooters.  Let’s go shoot some cool stuff!  Give us a call today to reserve your MW Shooting Experience.




Modern Warriors

We started Modern Warriors for the sole purpose of providing a less expensive way to enjoy our love of buying and shooting some really cool stuff. What started as a hobby has turned into a business where we have developed the experience and ability to help you enjoy our same hobby and save you money in the process.

We specialize in tactical weapons, including suppressors, short barrel rifles and full auto weapons. We have routine experience in shooting the weapons we carry, so if you want our opinion on how a weapon operates, we will gladly provide it. We also have expertise working with licensed professionals in setting up gun trusts, which is an ideal way of purchasing, owning and operating any weapon restricted by the National Firearm Act. Don’t let the word “trust” scare you. It is very easy to set one up if you have the right help.

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