Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC) Illusion-9 Suppressor
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Think beyond the box. The Illusion 9™ is a compact, high performance silencer for modern 9mm semi-automatic pistols. Like the Maxim model 1910 silencer, the Illusion 9 ™ features an offset, non-centralized bullet path. Unlike the Maxims of old, the advanced design of the Illusion 9 ™ incorporates a highly evolved, patent pending A.S.A.P.™ (Assured Semi Automatic Performance) system that ensures reliable operation on a broad spectrum of self loading host pistols. This revolutionary design also enables users to quickly and easily adjust the rotational orientation of the silencer to provide an unobstructed sight picture on most hosts equipped with standard-height sights. The tabbed, captured cone baffle stack of the Illusion 9™ can be easily removed from the tube for cleaning and maintenance without the use of specialized tools, and features a heat treated, 17-4 stainless steel blast baffle with a durable nitride finish.


Adapter pistons for barrels with ½-28 tpi and M13.5 x 1 LH threads.


Additional Information
Manufacturer Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC)
Model Illusion 9
Type Suppressor
Caliber 9mm
Weight 10.4 oz
Length 7.88″
Diameter 1.25″
Finish T3 Hard-coat Anodize Nitride
Mount Adapter Pistons (1/2×28) or (M13.5x1LH)
Sound Reduction 33 dB
Product UPC Illusion-9

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