Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC) Ti-Rant 9M

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Its back and better!  Full Auto Rated!  Behold the evolution of the most legendary 9mm silencer on the planet. Introducing the AAC Ti-RANT 9M! All the features and performance you came to love from the Ti-RANT 9 and 9S (short or “K”) in one improved package! New for 2017 Ti-RANT 9M (Modular) features a tool less take down design allowing the user in a matter of seconds the ability to reconfigure the Ti-RANT 9M from a full sized 8.0” long silencer (9.5 oz) into a 5.84” compact model (7.75 oz)!

One stamp – two silencer configurations. The main tube is constructed from Grade 9 Titanium for durability and light weight; while the front module tube is made from high strength 7075-T6 Aluminum for weight savings. The Ti-RANT 9M can be easily hand-disassembled without special tools to allow the entire baffle stack to be removed for cleaning and maintenance.

Not content to just offer a modular version of the legendary Ti-RANT 9, the new Ti-RANT 9M was optimized for even better sound reduction. In the full-size configuration, the Ti-RANT 9M turns in an impressive 33dB reduction while the compact (short or K) configuration meters 23dB reduction.

Comes with two pistons:

  • 1/2×28
  • M13.5 x 1LH
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Additional Information
ManufacturerAdvanced Armament Corporation (AAC)
ModelTi-Rant 9M
Weight9.5 oz (long); 7.75 oz (short)
Length8.0″ (long); 5.84″ (short)
FinishT3 Hard-coat Anodize Nitride
MountCome with two Pistons:   1/2×28 and M13.5x1LH
Full Auto RatedYES
Sound Reduction33 dB (long version);  23 dB (short version)
Product UPCTi-Rant 9M

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