Area 419 Hellfire Suppressor Mount


The Suppressor mount allows you to use your compatible suppressors with the Hellfire Self Timing Brake system by simply removing your Hellfire Brake and installing the applicable suppressor mount.  All suppressor mounts are black nitrided to prevent galling.

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The suppressor mounts no longer use a collar like the muzzle brake. These mounts get torqued into your suppressor and therefore allow your suppressor to become a direct thread onto the Hellfire Universal Adapter (left hand).

Allows the mount to be much more compact, and adds very little to the overall length of the system.  It is recommended to use blue Loc-tite on the external threads of the mount to hold it semi-permanently in the suppressor.  Since you will be threading the can on in a left hand direction now, if it is not torqued properly into the suppressor, you may unscrew it when attaching to the barrel.  Its virtually impossible to get the two stuck together in this situation due to the opposing thread directions, simply turn it the other way and they will separate, then start over.
Suppressor mounts come with a HELLFIRE Wrench


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