LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY - Brethren Armament BAP-9C (9mm) SMG Select Fire/Full-Auto

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The question of how to update a classic firearm brings to mind an old joke. Namely, the one that poses the question of how porcupines mate — the answer, of course, being, “very carefully.” When the classic firearm is the iconic Heckler & Koch MP5, a gun that is surrounded by mystique and recognizable the world over, you’d better know your stuff before putting anything on the market.


Brethren Armament has perfected this task.  A small veteran-owned business run by brothers Quinn and Kyle McIntosh, these guys have been putting together some very slick guns on a semi-custom basis.   We tested their BAP-9 Sub Machine Gun and came away very impressed.
While iconic, it would appear that the MP5 is regarded as a legacy system by its original designers — although still produced by HK, the gun has been frozen in the 1980s with almost zero development work since then. The MP5’s last round bolt hold open could have easily been incorporated into the 9mm, but wasn’t.  This BAP-9C has incorporated it.   A railed fore end could have provided light and laser mounting options, but for ages HK couldn’t be bothered to offer one.  The BAP-9C did.


And if you’ve been awake at any time during the past few decades, you may have noticed a bit of a fashion trend in which folks have been mounting lumpy things called “optics” on their guns. Instead of following the herd and perhaps offering a simple, time-proven system to attach glass to the MP5, HK has resolutely stuck with their claw mount, despite the fact that it’s expensive, heavy, overly complicated and, well, just plain crap.  The BAP-9C has fixed all that.


On picking up the BAP-9C, the casual observer will note it’s now easy to bolt up an optic to the gun. Welded between the rear sight and trunnion is a section of Picatinny rail. Profiled to fit the cocking tube’s upper contour, the rail’s weld is exceptionally clean and precise. The same can be said of weldments in the area of the cocking tube and trunnion, which have been smoothed out and blended into the receiver.


In conclusion, the BAP-9C is a few superior new production Sub-Machine Gun that has left the old H&K MP5 wishing for some upgrades.



Additional Information
ManufacturerBrethren Armament
TypeSub-Machine Gun:  Full-Auto
ActionClosed bolt
ReceiverLSC MP5/94
TriggerH&K Navy Trigger Pack
Barrel Length8″
Overall Length21″ Retracted;  27″ Extended
Weight5.8 lbs.
OpticsGerman H&K MP5 Standard Sights
AccessoriesUTC Vertical Grip
Product UPCBAP-9C

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