Crux Saxon 9 Suppressor - 7.5" (9mm)

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The Saxon 9 is by far the lightest, Smallest, and Best Performing 338 Lapua Magnum suppressor in the market today metering at 136 – 138 depending on the rifle platform.  And to make it even better its an amazing 9mm pistol suppressor as well metering in at the 119 mark.  This is the lightest, quietest, toughest suppressor on the market.  This is a new Class of Suppressors and Crux is the Best in this Class. Its why Crux Suppressors has been leading all technology development in the suppressor market for 4 years.

The Saxon is a new evolution of the Sigma baffle design.  When we started pushing our technology way beyond normal we found that the Sigma baffle design become more efficient and did more work.  So we wondered if we could shrink the design down and get better performance. We were not only impressed with the Saxon we were blown away.  Never has a suppressor this small done so much sounds suppression.  In its big brother’s (the Ark) 7.5 in. length ( 7″ added) and smaller 1.375″ O.D. this suppressor weighs in at only 10 oz and delivers 40 – 44 dB sound reduction making it the top performing suppressor on the market.

The Saxon9 was Designed to be Used on 9mm Pistol and Rifle Platforms, However it is an Amazing Performer on .338 Lapua Magnum Rifle Systems as Well as 5.56 AR Platforms. The Saxon Has Already Tied the Ark30 as Our Most Popular Line Giving You the Best of Both Suppression and a Small Light Weight Package!  These Are Going Fast, Get Your Today!

The Benefits

  • Self Locking: Taking active rotational force to rotate it will not come loose or shoot off like others
  • No Teeth to Wear Out
  • No Mechanisms to Activate
  • Under Firearm Rail Compatible
  • Metal to Metal Aerospace Seal
  • Conical Locating Feature: Perfect Accuracy Mount


Additional Information
ManufacturerCrux Suppressors
ModelSaxon 9
Caliber9mm, .223/5.56mm, .300 Win Short Action,  .338 Lapua
Weight10 oz
Length7.5″ (Length Added- 5.5″)
FinishBlack Cerakote
MountPrecision Mounting System Brake
Sound Reduction34-40 dB depending on caliber

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