CZ-USA S2 SS Reflex Suppressor

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With increasing use of Scorpions by Law Enforcement, CZ-USA knew the time was quickly approaching when they’d need suppressed variants to meet the demands of some of the special units they work with.  Not only that, CZ needed a suppressor that could maximize the available real estate of the Scorpion package while keeping the overall length as short as possible.

The resulting gun is the Scorpion EVO III S2 Micro (available for purchase HERE).  The can to match these firearms needed to be something that wasn’t available in the current marketplace, requiring CZ to make it themselves. Teaming up with the airflow specialists at Aerocharger, CZ was able to achieve the suppression of large cans but in a much more compact package. Comparing it directly to a standard Scorpion with one of the most popular micro 9mm cans on the market, the combo of the Scorpion Micro and the S2 Reflex are nearly 3” shorter, while further dampening the report by almost 10 dB!

A fully-welded titanium can, the S2 Ti Reflex is designed to fit under an HB Industries handguard, allowing it to have a 2” reflex blast chamber and giving it the volume of much larger cans while only protruding from the muzzle 5.83 inches. This full titanium can weighs in at just 9.6 ounces and spits out 147 grain defensive loads at well under 130 dB.

For Scorpion owners who want the benefits of the S2 suppressor but at a more favorable price point, the S2 SS is the same fully-welded reflex design executed in 17-4 stainless steel. The downside of this stainless construction is a bit more weight — meaning it clocks in at 15.36 ounces.

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Additional Information
ModelS2 SS Reflex
TypeCZ Scorpion EVO II Suppressor
Weight15.36 oz
Length from Muzzle5.83″
FinishCerakote body
MountDirect Attach Mount
Sound ReductionUnder 130 dB
Product SKU90502

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