Desert Tech MDR (Micro Dynamic Rifle) - 16" Barrel - Semi Auto Rifle (.308/7.62mm) - FDE

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The Micro Dynamic Rifle (MDRx) from Desert Tech is designed and manufactured to the highest performance standards to provide the user with a fully capable long rifle in a compact urban form factor. With a bullpup design and a 16″ barrel chambered in 7.62/.308, this black finished chassis rifle boasts ambidextrous controls and 25 round capacity SR25 magazine. The well balanced and modern design of this rifle gives the shooter excellent target acquisition, maneuverability, and comfort in the field. The MDR is the future of urban rifle design, being far shorter than any conventional rifle of similar power.

The MDR is designed for future defense needs. Its compact size and superior ergonomics maximize its portability without sacrificing speed, power, or precision. The MDR allows mission specific adaptability by changing the rifle’s length, sound signature, and/or caliber.

Historically bullpup rifles had sluggish triggers, weren’t ambidextrous, had poor ergonomics, and slow magazine changes. We didn’t just solve those problems with the MDR. We designed it to be faster and more ergonomic than the M4. Now operators can respond to threats more quickly and maintain full lethality against threats without sacrificing speed or power.

The MDR is designed for military, law enforcement, and civilian users to be the most adaptable and portable autoloading rifle in the world. Desert Tech accomplished this with a bullpup design, multi-caliber capabilities, and modularity. The MDR is fully ambidextrous with no modifications necessary. Desert Tech’s new bullpup is lightweight, compact, ergonomic, and balanced with an overall length of 26 inches and a weight of 8.67 lbs.


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Additional Information
ManufacturerDesert Tech
ModelMDR (Micro Dynamic Rifle)
TypeRifle: Semi-Auto
ReceiverPolymer Bullpup Design (FDE)
Trigger2 Stage Trigger – 4.7 lbs
Barrel Length16.125″
Overall Length27.12 in
Weight8.67 lbs.
MagazinesOne 25-Round SR25 Magazine

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