Energetic Armament Lux Ti (7.62mm) Suppressor with Direct Mount (5/8x24)

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Lux™: Latin for light.

The Lux™ silencer is a lightweight precision engineered rifle silencer. The silencer core is welded to AWS standards from US Origin, DFARS compliant, 6Al-4V titanium. The Lux™ silencer, including the 5/8-24 direct thread mount is 7.9 in. long, 8.82 oz. and features an 7 baffle core with the patent pending Serial ID ring. This serial ID ring allows quick factory replacement of the core, should damage ever occur, without loss of alignment or concentricity. The silencer utilizes the industry standard 1.375×24 mount thread pattern allowing a wide range of mount options including the Centrix™ mount. The internal surfaces of the Lux™ are coated with a proprietary boron nitride process to provide wear and fouling resistance. The external surfaces are finished with Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC). This finish is dark gray and provides excellent surface protection for your silencer.

Energetic Armament stands by their silencers with a lifetime, no bullshit, guarantee. If you need them, they will be there to take care of your silencer. Their patent pending banded core construction allows them to repair damaged silencers quickly and get you back on the firing line.

QD Mounting Options:

  • Dead Air Key-MO mount – click HERE
  • SilencerCo Bravo ASR mount – click HERE
  • Q Plan B mount – click HERE
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Additional Information
ManufacturerEnergetic Armament
TypeDirect Mount Suppressor (5/8×24 tpi)
Caliber7.62mm/.308/.300 PRC
Weight9.84 oz
Length7.9″ Direct Mount
FinishMatte Black
Mount5/8×24 Direct Thread Mount
Decibel ReductionVaries – based on application
 Full Auto RatedYES

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