Erector (.22 LR) Suppressor by Q

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One of the most uniQue silencers on the market, the new Q Erector unit is truly something to behold. From its full 10-baffle setup to its smallest configuration, this rimfire suppressor is perfect for your .22 (and smaller) caliber pistols and rifles.

Centered in Portsmouth, NH, and led by industry legend Kevin Brittingham, Q offers a fresh perspective on how silencers should perform, feel, and look. Combining his extensive suppressor knowledge with a cutting-edge team, Brittingham (former Sig and AAC head honcho) continues to push the limits of design. If you enjoyed Erector Set, Lego, or Transformers toys as a kid, the Q Erector should undoubtedly be your grownup silencer toy.

Weighing a mere 2.6 ounces in its complete setup, the Erector provides a highly-maneuverable model for rimfire enthusiasts. When fully assembled, it measures 7.6” long… And this is where the fun starts! Being a truly modular can, the Erector is able to be downsized to a single baffle. Talk about versatility. Comprised of one stainless steel baffle and nine aluminum baffles, this Q masterpiece sets itself apart from the competition. Find your perfect balance of size and sound performance in the user-serviceable Erector.

The Erector is made up of hard-coat anodized aircraft grade aluminum baffles, a mount and front cap, complimented by a PVD coated, stainless steel blast baffle. Notice, we didn’t mention an outer tube. No outer tube means more internal volume, making this silencer so quiet it’s in a class of its own.

It’s not only the quietest .22 silencer, it’s also the lightest at only 2.6 oz in it’s longest configuration. On top of that, it’s also the loudest, longest, and shortest silencer on the market… Wait. What?

Configure this silencer with one baffle, or all ten to fit the needs of your host firearm and ammunition. The choice is yours… choose wisely.

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Additional Information
Caliber.22LR and lower
Weight2.6 oz (in long configuration)
FinishClear Hard-Coat Anodize & PVD (shades of tan and blue may vary)
MaterialAluminum & Stainless Steel
MountDirect Thread (1/2×28 tpi)
Decibel Reduction Varies by caliber & Gun
 Full Auto RatedNO

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