Glock Model 19M (Gen 5) Black - First Responder Only

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The Glock 19M was originally developed for an FBI contract and has been adopted by many LE agencies. Previously available for LE purchases, the 19M is now offered for civilian sale.

Building on Glock’s Legendary reputation the NEW Glock 19M 9mm Ameriglo Agent Sights boasts over 20 design modifications over GEN 4 Glocks. This is the pistol, the Glock made for the FBI. This is a Lipsey’s Exclusive product.

Modifications on the Glock 19M 9mm include:

  • Glock Marksman Barrel: New rifling and crown deliver improved accuracy.
  • nDLC finish: This ion-bonded finish reduces corrosion and scratching and improves performance in adverse or de-greased conditions.
  • Extended ambidextrous slide stop levers: Both left-handed and right-handed gun owners can quickly, comfortably, and safely manipulate the slide.
  • No finger grooves on the grip: Removing the finger grooves improves the ergonomics of the grip, delivering consistent comfort and improved control to a wider range of consumers, regardless of hand size.
  • Flared mag-well: The larger opening found in the mag-well of GLOCK Gen 5 pistols makes quicker and easier magazine changes possible, particularly in high-stress situations where fractions of a second matter.
  • Rounded FBI Magazine Catch
  • Rounded Slide nose profile
  • Ambidextrous slide stop levers
  • improved wear-resistant finish


Ameriglo Agent Sights:

The standard-issue night sight set for the FBI and US Marshals. These sights are a major step forward in night sight design that deliver improved visibility and faster sight acquisition in any lighting conditions. Employs the proven 3-dot configuration preferred by many experienced shooters. The ProGlo style front blade has a vivid green Tritium lamp surrounded by a bright orange outline, so there’s no trouble identifying your front sight under stress. The fixed rear sight has a rounded U-notch flanked by two green Tritium lamps with subdued black outlines.


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Additional Information
Model19M (Gen 5)
TypePistol:  Semi-Auto
ActionSafe Action
SightsAmeriGlo Agent HD Night Sights
Barrel Length4.02″
Overall Length7.28″
Weight21.52 oz
MagazinesThree 15-round Magazines
AccessoriesThree Interchangeable Backstraps
Product SKUPM1950333-547

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