Griffin Armament Taper Mount Minimalist Brake Titanium


Griffin Taper Mounts interface with Recce, PHS, and Sportsman series silencers.


Constructed of 6AL4V Titanium, the Taper Mount Minimalist Brake (Ti) has a wear resistant baffle that increases suppressor service life. Additionally the brake features compensating ports that help reduce muzzle climb while assisting in reducing felt recoil. The (Ti) Minimialist brake weighs an air light 1 ounce making it the lightest functional suppressor mount / muzzle device ever manufactured. Approximately 75% less weight than that of most competing suppressor mounts, the Titanium Minimalist Brake reduces suppressor system weight while making the host firearm barrel lighter and more responsive to the shooter. The included thread protector will not shoot loose, and provides protection to the outer threads for storage or if desired while shooting when the silencer is not in use. Each brake comes with a shim set for timing. The device is finished in type 2 Tiodize, a dull grey, durable, anti-galling finish.


  • Diameter:  1.075″ [taper] .93″ [unit]
  • OAL:  1.34”
  • Weight:  1 ounce
  • Materials:  6AL4V Titanium
  • Finish:  Type 2 Tiodize



  • Sacrificial baffle to extend the service life of your silencer
  • Taper ensures solid lock up and minimal/repeatable POI shift
  • 75% lighter than most market competetive suppressor mounts
  • 6AL4V Titanium
  • Durable gall resistant Type 2 Tiodize Finish
  • Shim set Included
  • Thread Protector Included


Available in the following thread patterns:

  • 1/2 x 28 (5.56mm)
  • 5/8 x 24 (7.62mm)

Additional Information Content

Additional information

Thread Pattern

1/2×28 (5.56mm/223), 5/8×24 (7.62mm/308)

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