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The direct thread half NELSON by Q® was designed with practical shooters in mind. Short, lightweight, and hearing safe, this is a silencer for those who carry their rifle over long distances, or who prefer a compact platform. The half NELSON is made up of 100% titanium with a PVD coating, fully rotary welded with no outer tube, and features standard size wrench flats on the front and back for easily install and removal.

Q Suppressors, we see you. This team has taken the silencer manufacturing world by storm. Can after can, their designs continue to revolutionize the industry and push the boundaries of innovation. Case in point: the compact, direct-thread Half Nelson model for 7.62mm rifles.

Headquartered in New Hampshire, Q founder Kevin Brittingham and his forward-thinking crew embrace new designs to bring silencer enthusiasts top-notch, effective units. Calling upon his prior influence at Sig and AAC, Brittingham strives to offer the pinnacle of suppression in all classes. The Half Nelson exceeds all expectations in the 7.62mm category.

Similar to its big brother (the Full Nelson), the Half Nelson unit holds an all-titanium build, ensuring durability is never a concern. The Half Nelson is not only tough, but the convenience of its direct-thread mount provides a snug attachment to your preferred 7.62mm rifle. Rated up to .300 WM, the Half Nelson handles everything more robust silencers encounter, albeit in a compact design. Measuring under 7” and weighing 12.2 ounces, threading this maneuverable Q can onto your chosen barrel will make your range day a quiet experience. No doubt, the Half Nelson by Q delivers big suppression in a small package.

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Additional Information
ModelHalf Nelson
Caliber7.62 NATO / 300 BLK / 300 WM
Weight12.2 oz
FinishPVD (Gray)
Material100% Titanium
MountDirect Thread (5/8×24 TPI)
Decibel ReductionVaries depending on rifle & caliber
 Full Auto RatedYes

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