Holosun HS510C Open Reflex Circle Dot Sight
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Holosun offers an open reflex sight product family which provides a larger field of view than our micro dots as well as the following advantages:


  • Advanced LED Technology: Holosun has developed high efficiency LED technology that draws current at the micro-ampere level, extending the average CR2032 battery life up to 50,000 hours. At the same time, Holosun also has the capability to customize the shape of the LED to create different reticle options. For example, our 500 series red dot’s reticle is a 65 MOA ring around a 2 MOA dot, but the user has the option to turn off the ring and use just the dot if the need arises.
  • Unique Solar Technology: In our solar powered “C” series red dots, the brightness of recticle is automatically adjusted based on the ambient light hitting the solar panel. Thus, the solar panel is both a power supply and a light sensor. The backup battery will compensate if the optic cannot be powered by light alone.
  • Advanced Glass & Coatings: Holosun has created a proprietary multi-layer coating on the objective lens to ensure full spectrum light transmittance and clarity. Holosun also carefully pairs the front and rear glass to eliminate parallax.
  • Smart Features: Functions such as motion based on and off, memory of the last brightness & reticle style, and automatically adjusting reticle intensity are available on some models.

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