Olight Baldr Pro Green Laser (1350 Lumens) - Black

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The Baldr Pro is a professional lighting tool with green laser sight and white LED for installation on equipment. Powered by two CR123A batteries, the max output of the Baldr Pro is 1350 lumens. The center beam of the Baldr Pro is intense and concentrated, also soft and wide when near the ground. The white LED can also be set to 300 lumens of constant lighting. The beam emitted by the green laser is clearly visible during both night and day.  Equipped with adjustable screws, the Baldr Pro can withstand strong impacts and vibrations without loosening after calibration.It’s easy to install and detach the light by pressing or loosening the side swing arm.


  • 1,350 lumens and 260 meters beam distance
  • Safe and easy to adjust 5mW green laser
  • Quick mount/detach system
  • Green laser is clearly visible during both night and day
  • Beam Distance: 853 ft, 260 m
  • Compatible Batteries: 2 x CR123A
  • Light Intensity (candela): 16900
  • Light Form: Compact / tight focused hot spot. Ultimate beam distance.
  • Lens / Reflector Type: TIR Optic Lens
  • Mode Operation: Side Switch
  • LEVEL 1 (lumens): 1,350~500
  • Run-time LEVEL 1: 1+115
  • LEVEL 2 (lumens): 300
  • Run-time LEVEL 2: 210
  • Strobe: Yes

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