OSS ELITE 5.56 (EL 556)

OSS Elite 5.56 (EL 556)
EL 556-1a
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OSS ELITE 5.56 (EL 556)

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EL 556


The latest addition to the ELITE line, the EL 556 is an integrated flush mount suppressor ideal for all military assault rifle applications.  Engineered and build for select-fire battle use.  The EL 556 dramatically reduces backpressure, blowback, sound and flash signature.   A self-tightening mounting device, the STS-Muzzle Brake (1/2 x 28 TPI), is included with each suppressor.


Currently, additional OSS STS-Brakes are not available from OSS.  However, with the purchase of a separate STS Flash Hider, the EL 556 can be quickly switched between your 5.56 guns.  Just thread the EL 556 onto the STS Flash Hider, hand tighten and you’re ready to shoot.


Click  HERE to purchase the STS Flash Hider.



Additional Information
ManufacturerOSS (Operators Suppressor Systems)
ModelElite 556 (EL 556)
TypeRifle Flush Mount Suppressor
FinishMatt Black
MountThread Mount (Must use STS-Muzzle Brake)
Decibel Reduction-33dB
 Full Auto Rated Engineered for Select-Fire

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