OSS HX-QD Magnum Ti Quick Mount Suppressor

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HX-QD Magnum Ti

A short, lightweight and durable Flow-Through suppressor for large bore rifles, the HX-QD Magnum Ti is built with Grade 5 titanium and heat treated 17-4 stainless steel. Perfect for precision shooters, it delivers hearing safe suppression from 5.56 (sub-133 dB) to .338 (sub-139 dB), is full-auto rated on 5.56, and cross-platform compatible on 5.56 up to .338 Lapua— no other .338 suppressor is this versatile.

Flash Hider-QD and Muzzle Brake-QD each sold separately.  Click HERE to purchase


Materials & Finish:

Unlike traditional suppressors that manage trapped gas, intense heat and pressure with blast baffles, OSS’s Flow-Through technology redirects expanding gases forward allowing us to use 17-4 stainless steel deflectors and internal Grade 5 Titanium coils. The result is a remarkably cooler and extremely durable suppressor. The HX-QD Magnum Ti has a fully-welded outer body made of Grade 5 Titanium coated with C-series high temperature gray Cerakote®.

Sound Pressure Levels:

The HX-QD Magnum Ti is a light-weight optimal choice for the widest range of rifles of different calibers.  Sound pressure levels are measured at the shooters ear to comply with current military specifications.

  • 132 – 136 dB on 20” Remington 700 Rifle using commercial grade 150 gr ammo
  • 134 – 138 dB on 24” .300 WM bolt-action rifle using match grade 190 gr ammo
  • 137 – 140 dB on 26” .338 Lapua bolt-action rifle using match grade 285 gr ammo

Flash Hider-QD or Muzzle Brake-QD NOT included with purchase.


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Additional Information
ManufacturerOSS Suppressors
ModelHX-QD Magnum Ti
TypeQD Flush mount suppressor (NOT INCLUDED)
Weight18.3 oz
FinishMatt Black
MountQD Thread Mount (Must use Comp QD 338 or Muzzle Brake QD 338)
Decibel ReductionSub 139 dB
 Full Auto Rated5.56mm ONLY

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Additional information

OSS QD Muzzle Device

Muzzle Brake-QD 338 (3/4×24 TPI), Muzzle Brake-QD 338 (5/8×24 TPI)

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