Rugged Suppressors Obsidian 9 (FDE) Suppressor

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ADAPT™ Modular Technology:

If you enjoy running the Rugged Suppressors Obsidian 45 and are in the market for a 9mm silencer, look no further than Rugged’s new pistol can. Implementing many of the same impressive characteristics as its more established brethren, the modular Obsidian 9 in FDE offers peak performance and unmatched versatility in its category.

With industry stalwart Henry Graham overseeing development of some of the most successful commercial cans ever unveiled, Rugged Suppressors continues to make their mark throughout the silencer manufacturing community. Situated in South Carolina, this team takes aim at fusing innovation and creativity to produce pioneering suppressors. Based on the success of their Obsidian models, Rugged designs are top-notch.

Although 9mm modular silencers might not be ground-breaking, engineering a unit that works as well as the Obsidian 9 (FDE) is a stroke of genius. Utilized in either its full configuration (7.8”) or its short configuration (4.8”), this pistol suppressor’s versatility is remarkable. To minimize gas blowback, Rugged Suppressors decided to employ a non-slotted piston design. Therefore, the Obsidian 9’s sound reduction is impressive when run dry or wet. For an effective and durable (stainless steel/aluminum construct) pistol can, make this Rugged masterpiece your go-to silencer.


  • Full-auto rated!
  • Weight: 12.7 ounces; 8.7 ounces
  • Length: 7.8”; 4.8”
  • Build materials: stainless steel; aluminum
  • Finish: high-temp Cerakote™ FDE
  • Easy to disassemble/clean
  • Comes with one piston (1/2 x 28)


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Additional Information
ManufacturerRugged Suppressors
ModelObsidian 9 (FDE)
TypePistol Suppressor
WeightModular:  8.7 oz – 12.0 oz
LengthModular:  4.85″ – 7.8″
FinishHard Coat Anodized Aluminum (High Temp Cerakote FDE)
MountDirect Thread with Piston/Spring
Sound Reduction123 dB – 127 dB
Product SKUObsidian9FDE

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