Rugged Suppressors Surge 7.62

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The Surge 7.62 is the first – truly modular – 30 caliber rifle silencer. Henry Graham and Michael Derdziak teamed up in 2014 with a collective “boat load” of experience in both the suppressor industry and modern machining processes. With Henry at the CNC and Michael on the phones, they set out to make a splash in the industry with a simple concept in mind: To create innovative and superior products made by gun guys, for gun guys. The kind of silencer that you would bring home to meet your mother.


The word “modular” gets thrown around quite a bit. When we say this thing is “truly modular,” that is what we mean. The Surge introduces Rugged’s ADAPT Modular Technology that lets you change the size and configuration of your silencer with ease. Not only does it have a removable section of the tube (allowing you to go from a full-size 9” silencer to a short 7.5”) it is also a solid performer on sound.


Add an interchangeable 5.56 or 7.62 end cap and muzzle devices for both calibers and you end up getting 4 silencers in one:


  1. A 9 inch .30 caliber silencer rated up to .300 Remington Ultra Mag
  2. A 7.5 inch .30 caliber silencer rated for the same but shorter and lighter
  3. A 9 inch 5.56 silencer that will perform as well if not better than any other product
  4. A 7.5 inch 5.56 silencer for the times when weight matters more than sound performance


Whether you are just starting out in the silencer world or you are a crusty veteran stamp collector, the Surge takes the guess work out of the equation. When you want to jump from your precision bolt-gun to your short-barreled pig slayer, there is no longer a need to spend twice the money (and pay Uncle Sam again).


Additional Information
Manufacturer Rugged Suppressors
Model Surge 7.62
Type Multi Caliber Suppressor
Caliber 5.56mm thru 300 Win Ultra Mag
Weight 21.5 oz (17.5 oz without the ADAPT Module)
Length 9.0″ (7.5″ without the ADAPT Module)
Finish High-Temp Black Cerakote
Mount Quick Mount
Sound Level 134 dB
Product UPC S762

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