SAIGA 12 Shotgun (SBS)

Saiga 12 Short Barrel Shotgun 12ga Semi-Auto
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SAIGA 12 Shotgun (SBS)

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Saiga 12 Short Barrel Shotgun, Semi-Auto AK style 12 gauge, built at the Russian Izmash Arsenal, featuring a 10 round magazine fed with all new construction.  This weapon can fire both a 2 ¾” and 3″ magnum load.  Designed for high reliability in harsh environments and great for tactical and home defense. The removable mag allows for a quick change in tactical or competitive shooting. This SBR has a 12″ barrel and contains a threaded barrel to accommodate various chokes or muzzle brakes.  This gun also has a folding stock to allow a “pistol” shooting position.


Additional Information
Manufacturer Izhmash
Model Saiga 12
Type Shotgun:  Semi Auto
Caliber 12 gauge
Action Gas Operated Semi Auto
Capacity 10+1
Receiver Folding Stock
Sights Fixed
Barrel Length 12″
Overall Length 31.5″ Extended;  22.5″ Collapsed
Weight 7.71 lbs
Accessories One 10 round magazine
Product UPC Saiga12

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