Troy Defense Alpha Carbine 5.56

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Only the best, most reliable components available make it into TROY rifles, and the Alpha Carbine is no exception. Built around our world-famous and highly sought after Alpha Rail®, operators will appreciate the manufacturing excellence and attention to detail in the design.   The Alpha Carbine features a NFA-compliant 14.5-inch barrel with a pinned and welded flash hider making the total length of the barrel just over 16″.  Even with the 16″ barrel, the Alpha winds up shorter than an 11.5-inch barreled SBR equipped with a regular M4 stock, when both are fully collapsed

TROY’s new Alpha Carbine features TROY top-sellers: 13” Alpha Rail with Built-In Flip-Up BattleSight, Standard TROY Rear BattleSight, Squid Grips®, Pinned Medieval™ Flash Suppressor, Proctor Sling, and the newly released Tomahawk™ Standard stock.


Available in Black only.


Additional Information
ManufacturerTroy Defense
ModelAlpha Carbine
TypeRifle: Semi-Auto
Caliber5.56 NATO
ActionSemi-Auto, Direct Impingement
ReceiverForged Lower Receiver
TriggerStandard Mil-Spec Trigger
Barrel Length14.5″ Barrel w/pinned & welded Flash Hider
Overall Length28.0″ (Collapsed);  31.0″ (Retracted)
Weight6.5 lbs
SightsTroy Folding Battle Sights
StockTroy M7A1 PDW Stock Assembly
Accessories 1 Troy BattleMag
Product UPCSCAR-AL1-14BT-00

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