Barrett QDL Suppressor

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The QDL Suppressor was designed specifically by Barrett for the M107A1 .50 BMG Rifle.  Eliminate signature, not reliability, by using a suppressor designed to work with your Barrett M107A1.
This perfectly-engineered marvel includes a key element
no other suppressor has ever incorporated: its own
auxiliary two-port muzzle brake which reduces the recoil
of suppressed fire. When minimal visible signature is
required, the bolted-on auxiliary muzzle brake can be
easily removed.


The Barrett QDL Suppressor’s dual layered tube is
constructed of heat treated high strength alloys. This,
combined with redundant 360 degree welding, makes it
the safest large bore suppressor on the market.


By simply sliding the Suppressor over the muzzle brake
directly into the indexing point, proper alignment
is guaranteed every time. Once in place, the Barrett
unique lock-ring coupler clicks into ratchet grooves for
a secure fit that nothing can shake. In fact, the entire
system is designed to ensure perfect consistency with
every installation in seconds.


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Additional Information
ModelQDL Suppressor
TypeRifle Suppressor
Caliber.50 BMG
Weight4.88 lbs
FinishCerakote Black
MountQuick Detach Turn Lock Ring
Sound Reduction23 dB
Product UPCBarrett-QDL

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