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Even under the new law, a NFA Gun Trust still remains the best way to purchase weapons that are restricted by the National Firearm Act (suppressors & short barreled rifles).  The use of gun trusts still has advantages you cannot get by purchasing the NFA item as an individual.

We work with local licensed professionals to complete your NFA Gun Trust and will complete all your required registration forms.



Additional Information
Fingerprints:We complete your fingerprints in house at no additional cost (Utah residents only)
Photograph:We complete your passport photo in house at no additional cost (Utah residents only)
Law Enforcement Certification:No Law Enforcement Certification is required when purchasing your weapon with a gun trust
Co-Ownership:Other individuals are permitted to have access to the weapons purchased in a gun trust
Multiple Use:Other individuals are permitted to use the weapons purchased in a gun trust
Approval Times:ATF approval on a Trust is approximately 6 months
Other Approvals:Gun trusts are allowed to apply directly with the ATF in manufacturing or assembling a short barrel rifle
Death Benefits:Upon the death of the trustor, the gun trust allows for the transfer or disposition of the restricted weapons
Addition of Others:Additional users may be added to the gun trust at any time following approval from the ATF
Transfers to MinorsThe gun trust directs the trustee on the disposition of the restricted weapons to minors upon the death of the trustor
Cost versus Benefit:For a relatively small one time fee, the benefits from forming a gun trust can be used form many years in the future
Other:A gun trust can provide the ability to use the restricted weapons without creating any liability to the beneficiaries
Cost:A one time fee of $149

If you decide to purchase a suppressor, short-barrel rifle or any other NFA item, by using a NFA Gun Trust, here are the general steps in completing the purchase:

  • You pay for the NFA Gun Trust ($149).
  • We get the required information from you to fill out the NFA Gun Trust.
  • We send you the completed Trust documents and help you execute or sign the Trust in the required areas.
  • If you live outside the state of Utah, you will need to identify an FFL/Class III dealer in your state who can receive the NFA item. If you live in the state of Utah, we are able to deliver the NFA item directly to you once approved by the BATF.
  • For out of state buyers, we complete BATF Form 3 seeking approval to transfer the NFA item to you local FFL/Class III dealer (approx 3-4 weeks – if filed electronically). Once approved, we will send the NFA item to your local FFL/Class III dealer.
  • For buyers living in the state of Utah, we help you prepare and complete BATF Form 4, which is sent to the BATF, along with your completed Trust documents and a $200 fee.
    For out of state buyers, your receiving FFL/Class III dealer will help you complete BATF Form 4, after which the completed Form 4, your Trust documents and a $200 fee will be sent into the BATF for approval.
  • Approval should take approximately 6 months. Once approved, the BATF will send us the approval (for out of state buyers, the BATF will send your receiving FFL/Class III dealer the approval).
  • Once approved from the BATF, you will then complete Form 4473 (Criminal Background Check), and if approved, you are free to receive possession of the NFA item.

The NFA Gun Trust can then be used to purchase any and all NFA items in the future.

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We started Modern Warriors for the sole purpose of providing a less expensive way to enjoy our love of buying and shooting some really cool stuff. What started as a hobby has turned into a business where we have developed the experience and ability to help you enjoy our same hobby and save you money in the process.

We specialize in tactical weapons, including suppressors, short barrel rifles and full auto weapons. We have routine experience in shooting the weapons we carry, so if you want our opinion on how a weapon operates, we will gladly provide it. We also have expertise working with licensed professionals in setting up gun trusts, which is an ideal way of purchasing, owning and operating any weapon restricted by the National Firearm Act. Don’t let the word “trust” scare you. It is very easy to set one up if you have the right help.

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