Dead Air Armament Sandman-K Suppressor (Raw Finish)

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Limited edition raw finished version.  These are uncoated, stainless tubes. Only 100 were made and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!

The Sandman K is an extremely compact version of our popular Sandman series of centerfire rifle suppressors. It shares the features set of our Sandman series: 100% Stellite Baffles, replaceable front caps and our best in class Key-Mount QD mounting system. Where the K differs is length. At an overall length of just 5.4” and an added length to the firearm (with muzzle device installed) of just 2.9”, the Sandman K is the shortest Sandman yet. The Sandman K is also exceptionally lightweight for a silencer this robust, coming in at just 12.8 oz.

The K is designed as an EDC rifle suppressor for any application where size and weight is a more important consideration than sound reduction.

The Sandman-K is a purpose built suppressor to keep the added length as short as possible, and reduce concussion to the shooter. Although it does provide a surprising amount of decibel reduction, those looking for reducing the sound signature as a first priority may be better suited with the Sandman-S or Sandman-L. The Dead Air Sandman-K makes very short semi-automatic rifles pleasant to shoot with a single layer of hearing protection, and removes the teeth-jarring concussion associated with ultra-short 5.56 and .308 rifles. While hearing protection is recommended for prolonged recreational shooting with the Sandman-K, there are many instances where a minimal footprint is valuable. Maneuvering a rifle inside a hunting blind, in a home defense situation, or on a patrol rifle that may be used in vehicles and confined spaces allows the importance of the Sandman-K’s size to immediately be appreciated.

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Additional Information
ManufacturerDead Air Armament
ModelSandman-K (Raw Finish)
TypeRifle Suppressor
CaliberMulti – Up to .300 Win Mag
FinishUncoated Stainless Tube (Raw Finish)
MountQuick Detach with Keymount Muzzle Brake
Sound ReductionAve Suppressed Sound:  144 dB (.308)
Product UPCSMK762KRF


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