Desert Tech MDRx (Micro Dynamic Rifle) - 16" Barrel - Semi Auto Rifle (.223/5.56mm) - FDE

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Introducing the all new 2020 Desert Tech MDRX 5.56 Bullpup Rifle, available in 16 and 20 inch barrels. Coming in both forward ejection, side ejection and California legal configurations. The Desert Tech MDRX 5.56 Rifle is designed to be a compact weapon with superior ergonomics to maximize mobility. This enhanced version of the original MDR can quickly change from a close quarter 16 inch rifle to a 20 inch sniper platform. Equipped with a new desert tech compensator to reduce muzzle jump, keeping shots on target where they count. Its new enhanced bolt carrier design and gas block we’re created to perform during water testing. Also Desert Tech enhanced the trigger and upgraded to a higher grade of polymer to ensure maximum durability under excessive punishment. Desert Tech’s all new MDRX Rifle is loaded with many new upgrades, but the over all cost of the weapon to the consumer went down.

Desert Tech’s MDRX 5.56 is a true fully ambidextrous rifle, It gives the operator the ability to go from a right hand or left hand configuration in a matter of seconds. Every MDRX Rifle is built to have unmatched precision and reliability. Its quick change conversion kits, allow you to adapt the rifle for ever changing combat scenarios. The all new MDRX 5.56 puts other bullpup rifles back in the stone age.

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Additional Information
ManufacturerDesert Tech
ModelMDRx (Micro Dynamic Rifle)
TypeRifle: Semi-Auto
ReceiverPolymer Bullpup Design (FDE)
Trigger2 Stage Trigger – 4.7 lbs
Barrel Length16.125″
Overall Length27.12 in
Weight8.67 lbs.
MagazinesOne 30-Round Magpul PMAG
Product SKUDT-MDRX-556

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