Heckler & Koch HK 91 A2 (.308 Win) Semi-Auto Rifle with fixed stock & Receiver Date Stamp 1976 - PRE-BAN - USED

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This is one of the early imported Heckler & Koch HK 91 A2 rifles.  The receiver is stamped “1976” without any date codes.  This HK91 semi-auto rifle is chambered in .308 Win and comes with fixed stock and slim profile handguard.  It was part of an estate purchase from a  local gun collector.  This rifle is listed as EXCELLENT CONDITION.  There are a few signs of wear along with some very minor scratches and scuff marks on the receiver and handguard, but for the most part the rifle is very clean.  For having been imported over 44 years ago, this rifle is in excellent condition.  It is impossible to determine the number of rounds fired through this HK91, but based on discussions with the previous owner and our evaluation and inspection of the firearm, this round count is very low.  The rifle, barrel and chamber are all very clean.  This rifle has been function tested numerous times and everything on this HK91 works 100% like the day it left the factory.  All of the controls work perfectly and the bolt goes into battery with authority.  This HK91 does NOT come with the original box or the owner’s manual, but it does come with six HK 20-round magazines with HK stamping.  We are so confident in the condition of this rifle that we are offering a 3-day (Non-Fire) return if you are not completely satisfied with its condition.

The HK91 is a semiautomatic rifle version of the Heckler & Koch G3 automatic rifle that was produced by Heckler & Koch for the civilian market in the 1960s. It is not to be confused with the similarly titled, but separate model, Heckler & Koch G41.  The reasons why Heckler & Koch renamed the HK41 in 1974 are unclear. Part of their reasoning could have been that they wanted to change the perception of the rifle as being a semi-automatic sporting rifle instead of a paramilitary rifle. Furthermore, gun laws that were adopted in West Germany around that time prohibited the civilian ownership of paramilitary rifles.  As a result, Heckler & Koch modified the weapon with a plate welded inside the receiver to prevent the mounting of a full-auto “SEF” fire control group and re-designated the rifle as the Heckler & Koch HK91.  The last few HK91s that were delivered to the U.S. in 1989 were blocked by customs after President George H. W. Bush issued an Executive Order banning the importation of “non-sporting” rifles.


Additional Information
ManufacturerHeckler & Koch
ModelHK 91 A2
TypeRifle:  Semi-Auto
Caliber.308 Win
ActionRoller-delayed blowback
Lower ReceiverHK91 Lower
Upper ReceiverHK91 Upper Receiver
HandguardHK Standard Slim Handguard (Black)
StockA2 Fixed Stock
TriggerHK Trigger
SightsHK Iron Sights – Rear:  Rotary Drum;  Front:  Hooded Post
Barrel Length18″
Muzzle DeviceHK Flash Hider
Date Stamp1976
Overall Length40″
Weight10.3 lbs
MagazinesSix 20-Round serialized HK magazines
Serial Number/Date StampA013431/1976


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