MAGTECH CBC M193 5.56GR FMJ (1,000 RD M2A1 CAN)

Magtech CBC M193 5.56gr FMJ (1,000 Round Sealed M2A1 Can)
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MAGTECH CBC M193 5.56GR FMJ (1,000 RD M2A1 CAN)

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Magtech USA is now offering true military contract production CBC M193 5.56 55GR FMJ ammunition for 2017. CBC M193 ball has earned a reputation as one of the finest 5.56 loads on the market today.  Originally produced for the Singapore Armed Forces, a coalition partner in the Global War on Terrorism, this ammunition is packed with 50 rounds per box, 200 rounds per poly barrier bag with desiccant and 1,000 rounds per wire security sealed M2A1 can. Everything has been produced and stored according to one of the most demanding military ammunition contracts in the world.


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