Nesika Firearms Custom Built Precision Bolt Rifle (.338 Lapua Magnum)

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Custom bolt action rifle built by Nesika Firearms (Nesika Bolt Action) chambered in 338 Lapua with a Jewell Adjustable Trigger, Heavy Fluted Lilja Barrel and McMillan A5 Tactical Stock that has the optional accessory rail under the for-end of the stock. This precision rifle is on consignment from a gun collector who keeps all of his guns in mint condition. This rifle was purchased new several years ago by the Consignor and has been in his possession since. Based on our discussions with the Consignor and from our review and inspection of the rifle, it has less than 200 rounds fired through it. We are so confident in the condition of this rifle that we are offering a 3-day (Non-Fire) return if you are not completely satisfied. This precision rifle comes with an additional muzzle brake, a custom soft case made specifically for this rifle, a Pelican 1750 hard case (Black), a tactical nylon ammo butt-stock shell holder with pouch and five 5-round magazines.


After three decades of world records and adoption by the world’s elite competitive shooting teams such as the Army Marksmanship Unit, today Nesika™ is more than just an action maker. Forged out of the same painstaking attention to detail that created a cult-like following for their actions, Nesika has taken its rightful place among the finest rifle-makers. Offering a complete line of hunting, long-range and tactical semi-custom rifles built one at a time, by hand, by craftsmen among the most elite in any custom shop today.


The McMillan A-5 Tactical stock combines all the most requested features of the entire A-series into one professional tactical rifle stock. Compared to the other A-series stocks, the A-5 uses a beaver-tail forearm that is wider and flatter. The action and barrel sit lower for enhanced stability. The A-5 uses a trim pistol grip. The dual purpose butt hook is fully functional for either riding sandbags or controlling the rifle with the non-trigger hand. The A-5 weighs 2.5 lbs and comes with the integral cheek-piece options.


Features on this Custom Nesika Firearm Precision Bolt Rifle:

  • Nesika Action – Model M
  • Heavy Fluted Lilja Barrel (30″ Length)
  • McMillan A5 Tactical Stock with accessory rail under for-end
  • Adjustable Jewell Trigger
  • Additional Muzzle Brake


Additional Information
Manufacturer Nesika Firearms
Model Nesika Model M Action
Type Bolt Action Rifle
Caliber .338 Lapua Magnum
Action Bolt-Action
Capacity 5+1
Action Nesika Action – Model M
Trigger Jewell Adjustable Trigger
Barrel Length 30″ Heavy Fluted Lilja Barrel
Overall Length 52.25″
Weight 13.1 lbs
Accessories Additional muzzle brake, custom soft case, Pelican 1750 hard case (Black), tactical nylon ammo buttstock shell holder with pouch
Magazines Five 5-Round Steel Magazines

Additional Information Content

Additional information

LWRC Color

Black Anodized, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, Patriot Brown

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