STI DVC Limited Island Blackout (9mm) Semi-Auto Handgun - 5" Barrel - USED

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**3-Day (Non-Fire) Return**


This STI DVC Limited Island Blackout 2011 semi-auto handgun is chambered in 9mm and was a trade-in from a great customer of our shop.  The previous owner purchased this handgun brand new several months ago and it has been in his possession since the initial purchase.  We have sold numerous firearms for this customer and everyone of them have been in perfect condition with many being unfired.  This DVC Limited Island is no exception.   Based on our evaluation and discussions with the previous owner, this handgun has less than 100 rounds fired through it.  It is listed as EXCELLENT CONDITION.  There are absolutely no scratches, wear marks or scuffs on the frame, slide, barrel or grips.  Everything on this DVC Limited Island functions 100% like it did the day it left the factory.   All of the controls work perfectly and the slide goes into battery with authority.  We are so confident in the condition of this handgun that we are offering a 3-day (Non-Fire) return if you are not completely satisfied with the condition of this handgun.  This item comes with the original factory case, owner’s manual, test target, one 16-round magazine and one 17-round magazine.

The STI DVC Limited Island Blackout is built round the well-known and successful 2011-platform and while this pistol is very suitable for most types of sport shooting, it’s the IPSC-discipline where development was pointing at. Those in the know had already deciphered that from the DVC name as Diligentia (precision), Vis (power) and Celeritous (speed) is the credo of this branch in sport shooting.

This semi-automatic pistol has a single action trigger with a trigger weight of 1134 grams (2.5 lbs) and ambidextrous safety. The 5 inch Island barrel of the STI DVC Limited Island Blackout combined with the adjustable rear sight and fiber optic front sight guarantee perfect accuracy and has enabled the use of a lighter slide. A Diamond Like Coating gives the barrel a durable and mirror smooth surface. The grip with DVC stipple pattern lies comfortable and firm in your hand.

This STI DVC Limited Island Blackout only differs in colour compared to the standard Limited Island, although in technical view the use of DLC coating instead of Gold Titanium Nitride coating can be seen as the only difference.


Additional Information
ModelDVC Limited Island (Blackout)
Type1911 Style Pistol:  Semi-Auto
ActionHammer fire
Trigger/Trigger PullSTI Standard Trigger (2.5 lbs)
FrameCarbon Steel (Black DLC Finish)
SlideBlack DLC with Dust Cover Cuts
SightsFiber Optic Front Sight and Adjustable Rear
Barrel Length5″ Black DLC Coated Bull Barrel
Overall Length8.75″
Weight41 oz
SafetyAmbidextrous Safety
Grips2011 DVC Stippled (Black)
MagazinesOne 16-Rd & One 17-Rd Magazine
Product UPC10-275000-60

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